Washdown Bays

Wash Down Bays

Our state-of-the-art wash down bays allow us to cleanse the horses after swimming in the equine pool or following a busy training session.

Safety First

At Jackdaws Castle, safety is a primary concern. The floors and walls of our wash down bays are equipped with quality rubber lining, minimising the risk of any horse slipping due to wet conditions.

Temperature Control

The wash down facilities are temperature controlled. Be it a freezing winter’s day or the middle of a heatwave we are always able to use water at the recommended temperature.

After a workout in cold weather it can be a shock to a horse to be washed down with cold water. Warmer water is not only a more pleasant experience, it also helps to prevent muscles from stiffening. Additionally, it can help to prevent skin pores from closing, which in turn can stop the flow of sweat and sebum (both naturally produced and essential to good skin health).

In the summer we use the most appropriate temperature. This will often be at a slightly cooler level and likely to suit a horse better.

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