Indoor School

Indoor School

Every morning our horses begin their day in the Indoor School. Assembling here allows us to evaluate fitness and wellbeing before they progress to the gallops. Additionally, if necessary, schooling and other routine exercises can be carried out.

Jockeys indoor school
Jump training in the indoor school

The Indoor School was opened in 2003 by Sir Peter O’Sullevan. It followed many months of hard work and meticulous planning and preparation. The result is a training facility that is widely considered the best in the UK.

The Facilities

The Indoor Complex is a covered area measuring 25,000 sq. ft in total. It includes the schooling area, horse walkers, equine solarium, therapy bay and equine pool. It could be described as the ultimate in luxury health spa facilities for horses.

Schooling Area

Measuring 215 feet by 130 feet, our main schooling area has ample room to carry out every basic routine. We use it on a daily basis.

Training for Young Horses

The indoor school has a surface ideal for all kinds of activities allowing us to replicate conditions similar to those experienced on turf be they fast or soft.

The training obstacles in this area are used to prepare our novices before they advance to our outdoor schooling facilities. Additionally, they are a useful aid for any horse which may have lost confidence. The obstacles are in this area are specially prepared so the risk of injury is minimised.

We also have a set of starting stalls which enable us to introduce young horses that will run on the Flat to a routine piece of racing equipment in the safest of environments.

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