Equine Therapy Bay

Equine Therapy Bay

Our facilities also include a range of therapy bays. One of the benefits is the use of PMF therapy (pulsed magnetic field). This advanced form of treatment can help improve recovery from injury and reduces conditions such as inflammation. It is perfectly safe to use and does not cause any distress to horses.

Explaining Magnetic Pulse Therapy

Magnetic Pulse Therapy is a relatively new and very effective form of physical therapy. It is not a miracle cure, but simply a treatment used to accelerate therapeutic purposes.

Magnetic Pulse Therapy can reduce pain sensations almost immediately.

Magnet Pulse Therapy can reduce pain and inflammation, stimulate and increase circulation and help with rehabilitation.

On what type of injuries/problems can Magnetic Pulse Therapy be used?

  1. Arthritic joints, orthopaedic conditions, fractures.
  2. Open wounds and circulatory problems.
  3. Soft tissue problems, sore back, muscle tightness, body soreness.
  4. Chronic pain, acute inflammation.
  5. Hip dysplasia and general debility.

Temperature Therapy Equipment

A new machine which provides continuous and programmable ice or heat therapy, combined with a massage function for the repair and general maintenance of horses’ legs and other specific areas. It is useful in both the prevention of injuries and also in helping the rapid healing of existing conditions.

Expertise is on Hand

We have fully competent staff, well practised in getting the best results from using this equipment, having been trained initially by the manufacturers.

We have found this equipment an incredibly useful addition to the range of services that we provide for our horses.

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