Equine Solarium

Equine Solarium

Many horses benefit from using one of our three equine solariums. As well as providing a pleasant experience, the solariums are useful pieces of therapy equipment. In a sport where the difference between winning and losing is sometimes measured in the tiniest of fractions, we try and use the best methods available to gain any edge.

Racehorse entering solarium
Racehorse inside solarium

Therapeutic Use

Each solarium is powered by special infrared bulb heaters. These provide a pleasant warming effect that can improve circulation and help to relax tense muscles. The effect is similar to a horse being out in a field and enjoying warm sunshine – but without the harmful UV rays. As with humans, this treatment provides a valuable source of vitamin D, essential for joint and bone health and which also helps the body to absorb calcium. The solarium can be a useful way to complement the natural healing of a horse that has suffered abrasions or, perhaps, a sore back. Additionally, some horses exercise better if they have had a session in the solarium beforehand.

Equine Solarium Equipment

Our infrared heaters are fully adjustable, allowing us to control exactly how and where we apply heat. Thus, we can provide a service specific to the needs of each horse. In addition to their therapeutic use, the solarium can also be used to dry horses after using the nearby washdown bays. Find out more about the range of racehorse training facilities that we have here at Jackdaws Castle.

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